Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 has been a shit year, you guys. I haven't hardly painted anything. Here's a couple for ya.

This one was completed a couple days ago. I referenced a photograph I took of Illinois Avenue in Maumee for this. I'm halfway satisfied with it, though I think the composition could have benefited greatly from more untouched canvas than I left.

This second composition here is actually a smaller painting that I made early in this year. I was never crazy about it, thus I didn't think to document it sooner than now.

As for news and such, you can take your ass to downtown Toledo right now and see 3 of my paintings on display on the first floor of the Secor Building (425 Jefferson Ave) through the rest of this year, as part of the Reclaiming Toledo exhibition. Or go down to 1700 Canton avenue a few blocks over, to Bella's Art and see a couple more of my paintings on display.

I gotta get out of this little town.

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