Friday, May 14, 2010

Here are a bunch of assholes I work with

Spawning out of an utter lack of ideas, I decided to draw some of my co-workers for a class assignment. These are all real people, if cartoonish (in real life, I mean).
Ol' Todd here is a crusty old man-- a feature I feel I represent accurately in this illustration. In other words, there is a layer of "shit-stain brown" somewhere in every part of this drawing. Todd is not quite "all there" so dealing with him leaves one confused and frustrated overall, and I am no exception.
This is Eddie. He is a fierce little guy. I think he, too, may be suffering by some form of dementia, at least that's what my manager speculates. Ed is crazy and I don't like to be around him. He's also very, very short. I mean he's literally about a foot tall.

Zach here is uh....well....there's not really anything wrong with him, clinically. He's an okay kid, and I hope he never reads this. However, I think that he, or perhaps more accurately, his existence, is funny. Hi Zach!!
Daniel isn't technically a co-worker, but he used to work as a security guard (and I use that term laxly) at the place where I work. Daniel is best described as "A real son-of-a-bitch." I liked the old guy, but he was fuckin' nuts, by no stretch of the imagination. Also, he would waste on average ten minutes of my time every day I saw him, just talking about a bunch of bullshit that nobody not suffering from senility could possibly give a rat's ass about. For instance, I was privileged to hear about his cunning strategy of keeping a vacuum cleaner on every floor of his house to maximize productivity easily 4 or 5 times in the brief period I knew him. Anyway, he got canned and I haven't seen him much since.

Political Car-toons

Hey kids, I'm going to try my hand at political cartoons! I feel that I've got some real insight on the world of politics, so I thought I'd shed some light on a few current issues. Enjoy!!
I know Watergate happened almost 100 years ago, but I felt it was relevant enough to make this satire. Many experts have nicknamed Watergate as "Nixon's Watergate."
This one is pretty self-explanatory.
Just inexcusable.

That's all the fun for this post, internet friends. I am shamed beyond cognitive thought. Goodbye.