Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Holy cow, you guys. It's been almost another whole year since my last blog post. Are blogs a thing of the past anyway? Tumblr's kinda where it's at right now. I do have a Tumblr, though I really just use it as a portfolio instead of the more informal atmosphere of a blog. If you want to see either Tumblr, I have two--

This one's for Art with a capital A

and this one's for cartoons n doodling

Okay, enough advertising for STUPID CRAP. In recent news, I am currently working on a new portrait, which I intend to submit for consideration in the 94th Toledo Area Artist's Exhibition, for which the deadline is the 22nd of this month. Didn't I post something to this effect for last year's TAA? Yeah, well, this year I think I have a better chance of getting accepted. It's not that I believe I've grown much more as an artist, per se, so much as I think I've gotten a little more clever. The unfortunate truth is that the TAA exhibition seems to lean significantly in favor towards artists dealing with the figure, at least as far as 2-dimensional work goes. Last year's exhibition saw a heavy saturation of outstanding portraiture and other figurative work. One of this year's two jurors is Joe Fig-- noted figurative artist and recent participant in the 'Small Worlds' exhibition. If I had to bet, I'd say a figurative piece stands a better chance than large-scaled landscapes in this limited space. So anyway, here's a couple shots in-progress of one of the abstracted portrait pieces I'm submitting!

Not really much to see yet, huh? I'll post again when it's done, man!

Also, listen to this, ya dorks!

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