Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hey boys and girls, you gettin' excited for the new Transformers movie coming out this summer? That's a Michael Bay film, you know? Well shucks kids. I, without any explanation or pretense, happen to have INSIDER INFO on the new movie, slated for late June!! Here it is, gang!

Gee whiz, what a sizzler!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Drawin' Creeps Again

Alright, here's a couple of drawings that have a level of quality disproportionate to the long amount of time between now and the last time I updated this blog! Haha! This first one here is actually an older drawing I made, like a year ago.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in motorcycle parts stores with my dad. This illustration is of one such place, called "Banzai Cycle Supply." It was owned by the guy on the left, who went by the nickname "Banzai" from his career as a drag racer. The other guy I only knew by his nickname, simply "Biker Bob" and was a common sight at the shop. They were a couple of decidedly-hardass old guys, but were real soft-hearted, and I miss them greatly.

Whereas the above illustration depicts a sentiment on my part, the following one certainly does not. This one is more recent, done a couple of weeks ago. This one isn't anyone in particular, but it is my visual depiction of the Internet, personified. Maybe it's a little based off of someone I know, ha ha ha!